The thermal treatment in the drier guarantees disinfection of the fodder, leaving it without any pests, molds, fungi, etc. Our bale production varies in size and weight as it offers up to 12 % moisture The largest bales weigh between 750-860 kg with the following dimensions: 800mm / 1175mm / 2200mm – tailored for loading in 40 “HQ containers.

We also produce 800mm / 1175mm / 1100mm x 370-430 kg bales, suitable for smaller farms.

Upon special orders, we also produce sun-dried alfalfa. Thanks to these highly compressed bales, the transportation of the fodder, being so valuable for the growth and health of the livestock, can be done even to more distant markets.

Our pure, high-quality lucerne is an essential animal feed for “high-yielding” dairy cows, sheep, goats, horses, pigs, camels, rabbits and other animals. Our production, as well as the storage capacity, enables us to provide regular and timely deliveries year-round.

Our highly compressed bales boast an excellent nutritional profile featuring protein, fiber, moisture, all set at reasonable, competitive prices.

Why our dehydrated alfalfa is the best:


  • Our Lucerne is being grown on private fields which gives us full control of the product
  • High-protein content due to the low % of foliage loss
  • Permanent moisture of the product
  • Due to the dehydration process, we can guarantee that the content of our alfalfa is free of any fungal diseases, molds or pests.
  • Lower transport costs as opposed to other alfalfa bales due to the high compression process

We also offer:

  • Essential oils
  • Different types of livestock fodder
  • Lamb and veal
  • Honey
  • Acacia Honey
  • Bouquet Honey
  • Mann Honey
  • Pine Honey
  • Linden Honey
  • Grass Mixtures
  • Black Oat